There are No Cost to Low Cost Strategies you can do

Hello Team Member,

Today I wanted to share with you how on a low budget or zero budget you can still build your business.
I'm under the assumption that you already are a member in Trivita and GDI. GDI is only $10 per month. They've got Great Tools! Promote this nationally and internationally! They're in over 180 different countries! Click here => Learn More Now....

Today you'll be taught how to Get into the Trivita Business for Free and market your business for free!

As you know you can Join them for free. Just put your autoship out the most furthest time. Your debit or credit card will Not be charged  until that day arrives. By checking into your back office every few days you'll be able to see if anyone bought from your website. Once they've bought you are entitled to a paycheck. The company pays out Weekly on Fridays. ^ if you have no Orders placed, then reset your autoship date out again the following month.

Click here => TO JOIN TRIVITA  ... do this Now if you're not a member yet. I'm affiliate or ITBO #13570658. Greg Lisoff.

Next I want you to Open up a Craigslist Account for Free... Click here => CRAIGSLIST

In placing your free ad there, you can choose different areas... try in Community section; general, groups, local news... try in Services section; creative, event, financial, lessons, household, labor/move, sm biz ads, travel/vac. This is where I started. Its free. You start here as well.

Pick a section or more.... Start your ad... write something like this...

For a Simple ad;
Are you Looking for More Mo*ney? Create Immediate & Residual Income! Work from Comfort of your Own Home, Flexible Work Hours, No Skills Needed, Join as an Affiliate, Work with me, Click here > http://wwwTrivitaCom/xxxxxxxx  (don't forget to add in your 8 digit member I.D. # in place of xxxxxxxx)
by placing your simple ad or many ads, when a reader on craigslist sees your ad, as they click on it, they'll be redirected to your replicated website automatically and hopefully they will see something of value for themselves there and buy or join your opportunity.
{You can run a similar ad for GDI business opportunity}.

You can study other people's ads on craigslist to see how they're written & what the subject line reads.... then try to be creative, sizzling, and try to Raise Curiousity in your Ad. You really want people to Click on it. Right?

Advance Method;
Some of our ads have a banner picture inside the ad area. This is a little more advanced (have to input a jibberish line of code... you can learn this later...) but its simple to do. Again this can be learned.
I think you get the idea here.... Just make your ad interesting & inviting for them to CLICK on the Link so they come to your website.
Run 4 of them to start, word them slightly different, run in the North any large metro area, it could be out of state, like Seattle.
Run one in the South in California, then one in the East- choose any state, and finally one in the West- here locally Portland.
Which ever Ad you get clicks from... Your data emailbanker,
Click Here ==>  WORLD'S EASIET EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM  will cature their i.p. address, location, and so forth. I use them to Grow my business and Got Excellent Results...
You are here reading because I invited you over by email, or text, or my business website email, or by phone call.
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Then run that same ad in NE, SE, SW, and NW  in 4 more Other Large Metro areas using WEEMS.
The people you capture in your system's data bank, you will start to build a relationship with by sending some New Information either daily or over some period of time.
Sending them out daily to your audience, Some of them may View you as Aggressive marketing person, but thats OK you want to Go Fast anyway. Its easier! Or, if you're laid back type of personality then Try every other day is good or every 3rd day.
So when you time your emails delivery- the 1st one is set at 0 day... goes out instantly within 2 minutes when your new person OPTS IN. Then you want your 2nd email to go out on Day 1.
Your 3rd email on Day 2. Your 4th email on Day 3. Your 5th email on Day 4.... so on & so forth. I think you understand this. This way they get a new email daily from you.
P.S. This will be an extreme TIME SAVER for you and well worth the investment.

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Also in your back offices in Trivita and GDI, you can send out emails, videos, and electronic brochures to other people who you think might be interested in this. Promote this to others!

Best regards,

Greg Lisoff

Affiliate #13570658 w/ Trivita
I'm eco101 with GDI...
Post something positive if you have anything positive to say...
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[Disclosure: I cannot guarantee your success in this business as I don't know how well you'll implement the things I will teach you. I work very hard at this and I have my own results. Your results will differ from mine.]

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